Review Revit module Heating and Cooling Loads

I think I found a few errors in the Revit module Heating and Cooling Loads. I would like to get to know if these are real errors, I am mistaken or they work this way on purpose. Second I am wondering if it is possible for Autodesk to add a few extra options to the module Heating and Cooling Loads and I am curious if that’s possible on the short-term.

The calculations I did are made with Revit 2016 but the same problems also occur with Revit 2018. I focused myself on Heating Loads because it raised the most questions. The example project (and needed files) used in this Review are attached as: Heating

Basically, I have the following questions:

  1. Why is the Heat Loss to the Ground Floor not (always) calculated?
  2. Why aren’t the Categories from Heating Components and Building Construction matching?
  3. Why can’t the Infiltration be given up freely?
  4. Why isn’t the Heat Loss to Air added to the calculation?
  5. Why isn’t it possible to add the Warm-up fee to the calculation?

In this order the questions will be more specified and possible solutions or suggestions will be given in the this document (.pdf)

Of course it is possible to make calculations with third-party programs who are ‘BIM-ready’. But what is BIM-ready? I often have to spend more time repairing models who are exported from Revit to a third party program than just make a calculation manually with the same program.

If you can help me out, please comment below or send an e-mail to:

Thanks in advance!