Legend Placer – pyRevit

As written before it is possible to copy Legends between Sheets with Dynamo. An even more convenient way to do exactly the same is a tool in pyRevit called: Copy/Update Selected Viewports to Selected Sheets. Read the explanation about this tool here:

pyRevit is a library of IronPython scripts and contains a set of tools which can be very useful. The installer can be found here: eirannejad.github.io

More information about pyRevit can be found on github.com/eirannejad/pyRevit.


5 thoughts on “Legend Placer – pyRevit

  1. Nice, I didn’t notice it before. I recently created another to only copy paste legends placement… This one is globally better as it also create missing legends.

    1. Me neither, I first created a Dynamo script to do this and actually found the python method by accident afterwards. But indeed, it is a great tool 🙂

  2. Is there a way to take a look at the python script? There are some scripts to run invidually without the use of Pyrevit plugin…

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